Writetober Challenge, Part I

I have been wanting to get back into fiction writing, so I have been trying #50wordfiction challenge with prompts from @HannahRobinsonAuthor.

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you have already read most of these. The challenge has been so much fun! Every day I look forward to writing, and I have to do a lot of math and editing to make it be exactly fifty words. To post on Instagram, I have been using Canva to create the posts. I have enjoyed that creative outlet as well. Microfiction is not what I want to write forever, but I do hope I finish the challenge. Below are the first 16 stories.

1 – Long

“It has been a long journey,” she says, smiling at her oncologist.

“Indeed!  Congratulations!  I would still like to see you annually.”

“Of course.  I would probably worry otherwise.”

“You are doing self-exams, right?”


“Then you would be as likely to find anything as I would. Stay vigilant.”

2 – Foil

The pie was too pretty to cover with foil.  It would diminish the presentation.  The tiny leaves on top turned out perfectly; they had not burned at all. First attempt at decorating the pie crust was a success.  It smelled divine too.  She grabbed her phone and snapped a picture.

3 – Chime

The church bells chime: 5:00.  She could leave now, but she felt chained to her desk.  Another day, little progress, despite her efforts.  This was her life; same routine every day.  Oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, starting at spreadsheets all day, every day. 

4 – Secret

The lump grew in secret.  Aware of feeling more tired than usual, she dismisses it as overworking.  Her body, on high alert, is already fighting. If you ask her, she will tell you that she listens to her body. Yet the cells continue to multiply until she feels the mass.   

5- Sky

“Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” A storm was coming.  Mitch had to tell Leah that he was having an affair. She would kick him out, at least for the night.  He could not continue living the lie. 

Mitch set down his cup of coffee.  “We need to talk.”    

6- Ritual

Take meds, brush teeth, wash face, apply night cream: not a taxing nighttime ritual, yet Amanda rarely completed all the steps.  By 8:00, she was so tired.  Instead of going to bed, she usually poured another glass of wine.  When would she love herself enough to choose what she really needed?

7- Adorn

Levi studies the ugly floral painting that adorns his hospital room.  Bored with it, he tries to turn on his side, but struggles.   He hates feeling weak.  

“Mr. Jones, it is time for your pain medications.” 

“Maybe I can finally sleep,” Levi thinks.   He sips water to wash them down.  


“Is this heaven?”

“No, it is Iowa.”   All the fields are lush and green.  The green stalks stand tall despite being weighed down with full ears.  The yellow tassels reach towards the sky. I want to walk into the corn and disappear into the rows.  I feel small but safe.

9 -Safe

“Sarah,” the nurse in pink scrubs calls.  Putting her phone in her purse, Sarah follows the nurse into the changing area.  Every year she dutifully gets her mammogram, hoping she is still safe from the disease that took her mother. She stares at herself in the mirror as she changes.

10- Silver

“Thirty pieces of silver, as promised.  Never let me see the likes of you again, boy.” The tall figure limps away.  The mercenary knows better than to wait around, or count the contents of the small bag. Heading west, away from sunrise, he is unsure where he will stop.   

11 – Serpentine

“You need a new Serpentine belt,” the mechanic tells Jill.

“How much?’” she tries to ask nonchalantly.

“Parts and labor will run about $240. We can have it done by this afternoon. “

“And if I wait?” Jill stalls. Rent will be late again, and cereal will be every dinner.


“I painted myself,” she squeals with delight as she shows her picture to Daddy. 

“Good job, peanut!” he gives her a kiss on the top of her head.  Watching the joy and Kodak moment, Tara thinks maybe the mess was worth it.   She would try to remember that next time.


“This is a thin place, where the veil between heaven and earth is removed.  Keep your mind and heart open; you may have a spiritual experience.”  The innkeeper winks as she closes the door behind her. 

“Do you believe in that?” Joe asks.

“Not really.”  Molly hopes it is true.

14- Breath

Her breath makes a white cloud.  She pulls on her hood, and puts her hands in her pockets.  The sun casts an orange glow as it stretches across the sky.  Leaves crunch under her feet as she enters the garden.

15- Rose

“Will you accept this rose?” Andy asks her, knowing her obsession with the Bachelor franchise.  She smiles, and kisses him as she takes the rose.

“Ouch!” The thorn digging in her thumb interrupts. It reflects the pit in her stomach.

Andy is a good time, but he’s not The One.

16- Garden

Even though it is only 8:00 am, it is already hot.  Valerie wipes her forehead with the back of her hand before stooping down to resume picking beans.  Her basket is full, and her back aches.  Maybe next year she should make her garden smaller. She says that every year.

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