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Though I am no longer writing a poem a day, now that Lent is over, I am still writing them at least weekly. I have been reading a lot of poetry, too. Some of the poets I have recently discovered are Amanda Lovelace, Melody Godfred, Tania Runyan, Caroline Kaufman, and Lightsey Darst. I find poetry inspiring, and beautiful, and an important part of my spirituality.


“Peace be with you,”

Jesus says, when

He appears to his disciples

after the Resurrection.

Different than the angels’

“do not fear,”

yet the same message.

Jesus also says more

in that simple phrase.

It is a blessing,

a hope as he sends them

to continue the ministry

of love,  forgiveness, and acceptance

in a world with little peace. 


The hopeful buds pop,

feeling the sun’s warmth.

Don’t! I tell them;

I want to protect them

from the returning chill.

Don’t be so fast! Wait!

I need to listen

to my own advice.


I want to propel forward,

in my time and my way.

Don’t be so fast! Wait!



A caterpillar

becoming a

Beautiful butterfly

means it has

to stop being

a caterpillar.

It gives up

all it knows,

the way it lives,

without knowing

what it will be like

to transform.

Does the chrysalis

feel like death?

Does the fat

stored make it

feel so very


Does it know it will be

Reborn in beauty?

Or is it just so

tired it needs

to create a cocoon in which

to hide and rest?

What happens inside the chrysalis?

Is the caterpillar

aware or

blissfully asleep?

What must it feel like before it emerges?


Like it has outgrown

its pod?

Does it desire

to break out

or is it afraid?

Is shedding the cocoon painful?

I have given

up my old ways

built a safe cocoon

for transformation.

How long do I need

to stay in this phase?

How do I know when

and how to emerge?

What will I be?

So far the growth process has been

painful, helpful,



Possibility also brings anxiety.

Have I let go of

all I must?

Am I ready to

embrace the



is a process.



I am ready for spring

but winter hangs on.

The trees are budding

but the north wind howls.

I am ready for spring,

but winter hangs on.

I am ready to see

the new emerge.

I am anxious to find

out what is next.

But that shoot is not ready to break

through the cold, hard ground.

I think I am ready for spring

but I still need winter’s hidden growth.

In winter, trees look

bare and dead, but

so much is happening

to prepare for spring.

I am ready for Spring

but winter hangs on.



Back and forth

Forth and back

Should I?

Shouldn’t I?

If I do A…

If I do B…

What do I want?

I can’t make

everyone happy

so I should

do what I want.

Back and forth

Forth and back


is exhausting. 



The wind lifts the kite

and it soars in the blue sky

while being tethered

to the ground.

I want to soar,

but I also need

to feel grounded.

Too much freedom

is scary.

Knowing I have

a place to return

is reassuring.


To my body:

To love and cherish

To have and to hold

In sickness and in health

I will take care of you.


Bumblebees buzz

From flower to flower

Gathering nectar nourishment

Pollinating plants.

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